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About Shem Creek Studios

Sabrina and Lexi are friends turned business partners who strive to do more than expected. They take great pride in the quality of their service. Bringing happiness to their clients is what inspires the two of them daily! Lexi and Sabrina are driven by creative passion and curiosity.

The pair met while working for a local interior designer in Charleston, SC. They became fast friends who both dreamed of opening their own design firm one day. After putting their minds together, the two of them decided to put pen to paper and make their dreams a reality! Shem Creek Studios was born on February 14, 2022 and the two haven't looked back since. 

Their style is unique to Charleston, encompassing traditional southern designs, while adding touches of modern aspects and tons of color. If you like to have fun with design, these girls are the perfect pair for you!

Meet the Team

Meet Lexi and Sabrina, the leaders behind Shem Creek Studios. Each girl brings a special set of skills to your project to assure it is uniquely yours.

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